Unicorn dreams

Although there are obvious downfalls to the tradition of Hallowe’en (Scariness? ┬áCandy wrapped in garbage? Hello!)…

I do appreciate the way it brings everyone in the neighbourhood outside, gets us talking to each other.

And I love, love, love helping my kids make costumes. We haven’t done a homemade outfit every year, and some years one kid will have a homemade and another a storebought, but the ones we craft ourselves are my favourite.

This year, we tackled a unicorn. It came out quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Though my husband questioned the ear placement. I told him he was welcome to place the ears wherever he wants to on the costumes he makes.

Blog Unicorn closeup

Do I have time to spare fiddling with getting a unicorn mane to fall right?


But sometimes, one just doesn’t have enough unicorns in one’s life, and one decides to make time.

2 comments on “Unicorn dreams

  1. Looking forward to seeing the placement of the ears when your hubby makes the next costume :)

    Have the most wonderful weekend.

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