And then, she decided to blog again.

Sky maplesHad to check if it still worked. Yep, it does.

Oh, where have I been… well there was summer, obviously, and trips, and sickness, and health, and wine tasting, and family, and deciding to enrol my wee ones in school rather than homeschool for another year… and carving out a new fall routine, which is still fairly messy if truth be told.

Currently I am putting the finishing touches on a unicorn costume, and trying to figure out what I can hand out for Hallowe’en that is neither junk, nor candy, nor expensive. We’ll see how those turn out.

And we have been enjoying the most spectacular fall weather.

Have a blessed day.

Autumn leaves

4 comments on “And then, she decided to blog again.

  1. Well hello there :) Welcome back.

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